Which lasagna recipe is worth it?

Simple lasagna: sauce, pasta sheet, cheese. However, that limited list allows for so much variation, including multiple sauces, meat or no meat

Those who think lasagna needs meat won't like spinach-filled ones. I have no lasagna-making style yet.

This recipe testing focused on red sauce-inclusive lasagna recipes. White lasagna is good, but it's different, like New England and Manhattan clam chowders.

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I tested three popular lasagna recipes, each with a different approach and effort, to see which one would last in my kitchen.

Nosrat's recipe is divided. A once-a-winter project if you follow her instructions entirely: You'll make red sauce, bechamel, spinach-ricotta sauce, and lasagna noodles.

All but the noodles can be made ahead of time to reduce prep time. Nosrat allows substitutions: use store-bought sauce or noodles or nut-based dairy alternatives to make it vegan.

Work as much or as little as you want with this recipe. It had been a while since I made lasagna from scratch, so I went all out.

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