The state of Nevada demonstrates that Haley is the greatest. Trump was not included on the ballot for the Republican Party. Part 3: Biden is victorious over Democrats

Michael Holton, a Republican who works in manufacturing, expressed his reluctance to vote for "none of these candidates" at a voting location in South Reno.

According to Holton, who is 61 years old, he expressed his desire that Trump had been able to take part in the primary election so that the former president could have defeated Haley in a direct race. According to Holton, Haley, who served as a previous ambassador to the United Nations for President Trump, is being disloyally by running against her former employer.

According to Holton, "I'm disappointed that he is not on the ballot." "I feel the caucus will be strong for him, but I'm just bummed he's not on the ballot."

Even after casting his ballot, Republican Brian Sandoval, who had previously served as Governor of Nevada, laughed and refused to reveal his choice of candidate. Sandoval, who is now serving as the president of the campus of Nevada, Reno, cast his vote in the student union of the campus.

Sandoval told USA TODAY he feels much of the fear over the dual primary and caucus has gone and supports anything that increases political participation. In 2003, Sandoval became Nevada attorney general, then federal judge, then governor again starting in 2010, when term restrictions forced him to resign.

President Joe Biden, who had no significant opponent, won over 90% of the Democratic vote. He handily defeated self-help author Marianne Williamson and other candidates who satisfied minimal qualifications. Nearly 6% of Democrats chose "none of these candidates."

Biden called Nevada Democrats "the backbone of our nation." in a statement soon before midnight East Coast time after his victory.

Bruce Bartlett, 80, supported the president by voting for Biden. Given Trump's legacy, veteran district attorney investigator Bartlett claimed Biden has improved the US.

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