Only Those With Normal or Near-Normal Eyesight Can Identify the Word "Race" Within Ten Seconds in This Optical Illusion Brain Game!

These visual challenges test our sense of size, location, and shape by playing with the complex link between the visual system and the brain.

By playing on our visual processing bias, optical illusions cause us to perceive things that don't always correspond to what's actually there.

The captivating nature of optical illusions stems from their capacity to baffle and astound, making us doubt our visual comprehension.

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Optical illusions, which range from pictures with several possible meanings to patterns that fool the eye into thinking there is depth,

are a fascinating example of the brain's malleability and vulnerability to visual manipulation.

Join us on an optical illusion brain challenge that will test your wits to the limit!

Presenting an elaborate arrangement of the word "Face," this visual puzzle challenges those with 50/50 vision to quickly identify the concealed word "Race" within 10 seconds.

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