In an optical illusion eyes test, just 2% of participants were able to distinguish between 589 possible numbers in 8 seconds.

The captivating nature of optical illusions forces us to reevaluate our perception of the world.

Perceptions of size, shape, color, and depth are frequently manipulated by the illusions, leading to illogical illusions.

Static pictures throb with motion, colors appear to merge and change, and geometric shapes twist and distort.

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Mysterious and fascinating perceptual distortions result from the brain's attempt to reconcile visually contradictory information; this process is the essence of optical illusions.

Both scientists and artists use optical illusions to probe the complexities of visual cognition.

Optical Illusion Eyes Test is here to put your visual skills to the test!

Only the most detail-oriented 2% of the population can see the hidden 586 in a cluster of 589 digits in what appears to be an average arrangement of numbers.

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