Everyone can see traffic, but if you can spot all the animals in 15 seconds, you have hawk eyes.

A news website based in the United Kingdom called Mirror was the first to publish the brain teaser.

In the picture, there are six distinct kinds of animals that are seen traversing a cartoon street in between the vehicles.

It is not difficult for motorists to identify the three ducks that are crossing the road behind the

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People who are able to quickly decipher images may be able to say that they are extremely observant about their surroundings.

If a reader is able to find inconsistencies, it may be an indication that they are able to quickly process and analyze fleeting visual information.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence to suggest that there is a connection between a brain teaser and the intelligence quotient (IQ) of a reader.

The tests are a standardized test that are given to individuals in order to assign a numerical value related to their level of intelligence.

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