Can You Use Your Optical Illusion IQ to Solve This Emoji Maze in Just 7 Seconds?

These illusions take use of our brain's bias toward making assumptions when we have little knowledge, which might cause us to perceive things that might not be true.

Optical illusions are tricks that play with people's perceptions of depth, movement, or concealed pictures by the strategic use of color, shape, and pattern.

Optical illusions are a fascinating phenomenon that has fascinated artists and psychologists, who have used them for both creative purposes and scientific research.

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The ambiguous figure is a typical optical illusion in which the observer's brain wanders between competing understandings of a single picture.

Illusions that mess with our perception of size, making things look bigger or smaller than they actually are, are another fascinating type of illusion.

The intricate relationship between visual perception and cognitive processes in the brain is brought to light via optical illusions.

We are amazed by the complexities of how our brains process visual information and prompted to doubt the veracity of our senses as we meet these captivating illusions.

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