1 1 donnas brilliant comeback leaves everyone speechless 2 samanthas fierce determination wins her a highstakes case 3 harveys legendary charm saves the day once again

2 4 louiss vulnerable side surprises everyone in a heartfelt moment 5 katrinas relentless pursuit leads to a jawdropping victory 6 jessicas empowering decision inspires those around her

3 7 alexs strategic brilliance outwits even the toughest opponents 8 roberts unwavering loyalty to his team touches hearts 9 gretchens sharp wit and nononsense attitude steal the spotlight

4 10 samantha and harveys electrifying chemistry sparks tension 11 donna and harveys longawaited confession takes everyone by surprise 12 rachels unwavering commitment to justice shines through

5 13 donna and louis form an unexpected alliance that changes everything 14 harvey and mikes reunion brings back memories and rekindles friendships 15 katrinas rise from underdog to toptier lawyer amazes all

6 16 alexs heartbreaking sacrifice leaves a lasting impact 17 gretchens loyalty and support provide stability in challenging times 18 jessicas mentorship molds future legal stars

7 19 samanthas unstoppable determination earns her respect in a maledominated world 20 donnas exceptional talent for reading people proves invaluable once again 21 harveys unyielding pursuit of justice is unrivaled

8 22 louiss vulnerability leads to personal growth and redemption 23 roberts unparalleled wisdom and experience guide the firm to success 24 katrinas resilience in the face of adversity inspires all who cross her path

9 25 donna and harveys unbreakable bond withstands all challenges 26 mikes return to the firm sparks new dynamics and unforgettable moments 27 rachels passion for justice and unwavering support leave a lasting impact