10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession

Even while pillaging, The Far Side Vikings were distracted. Humor and surrealism were used to explore Viking myths.

Some Far Side strips showed Vikings stretching before attacking a kingdom.Gary Larson loves portraying Vikings on The Far Side.

Ducks, aliens, talking animals, and the Wild West have been options.

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The Far Side also featured Vikings heavily. Larson mixed up Norse-themed strips with absurd and ironic ones.

The Far Side loved history because it had so much comedy potential. Larson used the public's perception of Vikings in his strips.

Interestingly, many Viking myths are false. These comic strips are the perfect mix of absurdity and surrealism to make you laugh.

Aggression, ruthlessness, and piracy are Viking traits. One word that doesn't immediately come to mind for Vikings is distractible.

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